Viser Web Services™

The Natural Result-Oriented Web Viewer
Extensive ability to Orchestrate, Retrieve, Sort and Share key information
Viser Web Services is your enhanced assistant in your daily testing activities.

What is it?

VWS™, for Viser Web Services, is a web-based solution combining test campaign management with business intelligence solution. Use VWS™ to start any new test campaign and visualize all test results offline or in real time.

What it does?

Your devices under test are collecting huge amounts of data. VWS™ will process that data and build your result dashboard including computed indicators, statistics trends and timelines.

Don’t waste time in formatting the data, VWS™ will help you concentrate on analysis. Create report directly from the web and share it with your team. VWS™ is your daily collaborative space.

Get the same services from wherever your devices are under test, they can be in a Lab in India or in the United States, you’ll get the same level of control. You can react immediately to issues from the field, report and trigger the necessary action.