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5G Test Automation

Learn how to simply automate

device & network testing and gain ultimate quality of experience

5G has already been launched in several countries and some 5G capable phones have already arrived on the market. Qualcomm has told analysts that it expects to see 175 to 225 million 5G smartphone sales in 2020, with more than 450 million in 2021 and another 750 million in 2022. (Source: Reuters 19/11/2019)

5G the next Generation of wireless technology is delivering super-fast download speeds and is expected to change the way we use our handsets for ever. This is bringing several challenges for manufacturers who need to ensure they deliver mature and ready devices in the market, that can truly utilise these network capabilities.

It also challenges the Carrier Device Acceptance teams as they now must deal with an increased workload adding 5G testing scope in their existing testing plans.

As core networks are also widely updated to manage cohabitation between brand new and legacy technologies it is also key for network monitoring teams to ensure that QoS remains at the best level.

We have already seen 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) where an LTE anchor required for control communication and mobility management is maximising the usage of LTE deployments and allowing early adopters with 5G devices.

The next challenge will be as the move to Standalone (SA) networks with the deployment of 5G NR that brings ultra-low latency.


SmartViser’s with its powerful test automation viser can help automate device and network testing for the ultimate quality of experience.


You can easily test, monitor, troubleshoot or benchmark any of the following items:


  • 5G data throughput

  • Video Streaming

  • Call performance

  • Voice Quality

  • Messaging

  • Speed tests

  • Mobility Testing (Handovers)