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Read our informative articles about active test automation and the recent developments to gain the ultimate Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS).

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MWC22 Barcelona - Assessment of Roaming AUDIO MOS Testing


During this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona SmartViser assessed the true impact of the 2G/3G Network sunset/shutdown.

We performed testing at the event of the Audio MOS quality on different radio networks and using WhatsApp.


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Why Audio MOS testing is more important than ever!


Include Audio MOS testing to ensure superior QoS and QoE audio quality for your end-users.

With 5G and its new capabilities, it is easy to forget that many end-users have not actually transitioned to 4G yet.


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Are You 5G Ready?


A new surge of 5G devices to test the robustness of the newly supported technology to ensure superior Quality of Service and Experience for their


What does this mean for Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Manufacturers?


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2G / 3G Network Shutdown Status and Challenges


Mobile Network operators shutting down 3G and in some cases, 2G has been a long time coming. Operators across the world have either already shut down their 2G and 3G or planning to do so in the near future.


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Field Testing - The Critical Success Factor for Smartphone devices and Mobile Network Services


Field Testing is one of the most critical aspects to ensure success when a new device is launched in the market or for Mobile Operators to assess their services in terms of Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Services (QoS).


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How to Build Effective Remote

Testing Capabilities


How to create an effective remote testing capability using Viser Test Automation and Remote Lab to successfully test products and services.

5G needs seamlessly and roaming testing, not impacted by disruptions.


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