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Product Overview

Before launching a new smartphone or during the device updating phases, Manufacturers need to check the interoperability and performance of their products under live network conditions.


Most of the time, this is achieved by sending a Field Test Team to test locally in order to perform the testing in real network conditions.


Within the Remote Control feature of viSer: 

  • With the Remote Control feature of viSer,

  • Manufacturers can activate any smartphone wherever it is in the world

  • Launch the Testing that needs to be performed

  • Control all the processing

  • Gain access to immediate reliable results

Difficult for the Manufacturer to send teams abroad? No problem, tests can be run in Europe by SmartViser's team and results can be seen right away from anywhere, remotely.

The Key Benefits

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Performance Assessment

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Media Pre Rating

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Field Testing

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Operator Approval Testing

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GCF Certification
(via RTO partner)

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Tailor-Made Testing

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Customer Success Stories

We have many customers using our proven test automation solutions, learn more about what has made them successful. ​​

  • Smartphone testing on several Networks / Carriers

  • Smartphone testing with several SIM cards
    (i.e. different provisioning, different parameters)

  • Smartphone Battery charging, USB device charge.





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