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Device Validation Pack

Designed to overcome device evaluation challenge, simply

As the smartphone industry continues to boom, manufacturers face several challenges in their quest for innovation, product differentiation and cost effectiveness without compromising quality, both QoE (Quality of Experience) and QoS (Quality of Service).

Some of the issues they are facing are carrier aggregation complexity, increasing RF requirements, power management, pressures to add 5G new radio, and network interoperability.

Test scenarios need to be continuously updated to ensure a wide coverage on all Radio Technologies and testing needs to be performed in a maximum of network infrastructures to ensure interoperability. Both activities require heavy resources and time, shrinking even further the profit margins.

On the other hand, consumers become more demanding and they expect fast processors, superior battery performance, robust and reliable devices even for the mid-tier ones.

SmartViser has worked very closely in the last seven years with OEMs and ODMs across the world and recognises these challenges.

Everyone at SmartViser strives to understand our OEM and ODM customers and their needs and have put them at the heart of innovation by developing a fully automated device validation package that will help them to fully test and validate prior to be being released in market and during maintenance release phase.

The device validation pack contains the key test scenarios that will fully test the device.

Some of the available packages are:

  • Performance

  • Field Testing

  • Battery Life

  • Audio Quality

  • Reliability

  • Maintenance Releases