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SmartViser to host GCF Steering Group Meeting (SG#79) in Paris

SmartViser is thrilled to organise the next Global Certification Forum Steering Group Meeting (SG#79) which will take place in Paris next June from the 25th until the 27th.

All players in the mobile value chain benefit significantly by being a member of the Global Certification Forum. The Certification helps manufacturers ensure that their products will work seamlessly across the world's mobile networks.

Gathering each time more than 50 participants from countries of all continents, a GCF Meeting is always providing great insights to the Mobile community.

During this meeting, the members which includes major operators, manufacturers and test industry players will bring to the table key subjects centred on technology advancement, innovation & regulation.

The main focus ranges from Quality, to Connectivity and Interoperability regardless the technology, including 5G and IoT.

As a proud member of the Global Certification Forum association, SmartViser is honoured to host the Steering Group meeting in Paris. 

To learn more about GCF and the benefits of becoming a member please visit their website: https://www.globalcertificationforum.org/