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their performances do not make their differences, figures in support

26th October 2022

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Android 12 vs Android 13 : leurs performances ne font pas leurs différences, chiffres à l’appui

25th October 2022

ViserMark Exhibiting

1st September 2022

En croissance, Smartviser s’attaque à de nouveaux marchés - overheating study.png

8th August 2022

Does 5G make smartphones overheat?


This study shows that yes in some cases


Valid8 collaborates with SmartViser to offer comprehensive testing of MCX Client devices

20th June 2022

Media Coverage - Tech Africa

SmartViser EU Energy Efficiency Project Announcement

29th March 2022

Media Coverage - Le Poool Gilles-RICORDEL.png

Success Story: SmartViser

4th April 2022

Smartphone and Charger

Rennes. Votre smartphone est-il énergivore?

24th March 2022

Media Coverage - Display Daily.jpg

SmartViser EU Energy Efficiency Project Announcement

8th March 2022

Media Coverage - Consumer Electronics.jpg

SmartViser collaborates on new EU smartphone energy labeling

2nd March 2022

Media Coverage - Business Mondays.jpg

SmartViser EU Energy Efficiency Project Announcement

3rd March 2022

Media Coverage -

Consumo smartphone: in arrivo nel 2023 le nuove etichette UE di efficienza energetica

26th February 2022

PR Release EU - Phonandroid France.jpg

Quanto consuma il tuo smartphone? Introdotta dall’UE l’indicazione di efficienza energetica

22nd February 2022

PR Release EU - Phonandroid France.jpg

Les smartphones bientôt contraints d’afficher la performance énergétique de leur batterie

15th Dec 2021

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