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MWC 2023 highlights

Takeaways from this year's event


The Barcelona-based event saw over 88,000 attendees and featured over 2,200 exhibitions from major names in the telecommucations industry. 

Here are some of the SmartViser takeaways from the event regarding where the next technologies are heading.
SmartViser Exhibition Stand 2023, busy with people

Our team of experts were busy presenting and demonstrating the Test Automation Solution, viSer at MWC Barcelona 2023. 

Thank you for making our demonstrations a success
Visual graphic, representing SmartViser Products in a Diagram

​The SmartViser Team delivered valuable insights covering various products and services offered by SmartViser including:


  • 5G Testing

  • Audio MOS/Voice Quality

  • Network QoE Performance

  • Battery Performance & EEI Label

Here is all the information you need

In case you would like to refresh your memory, here are some free resources and materials for you to download.  Please share these with colleagues and anyone interested in learning about SmartViser and our Test Automation Solutions.

More interesting articles to read.

Audio MOS Battle

Latest benchmark report available.

Take a look at our new results when comparing Audio MOS Scores using POLQATM from three smartphone models from brands - Apple, Google and Samsung.

Visual graphic showing 3G crossed out with 4G highlighting the new benefits as outlined in an article to read

2G / 3G Network Shutdown Status and Challenges

Operators across the world have either already shut down their 2G and 3G or planning to do so in the near future. Find out the status of European Network 2G/3G Shutdowns

EU Battery Energy Label, developed in partnership with SmartViser and the EU

SmartViser EU Energy Efficiency Project Announcement

SmartViser has started collaborating with the EU commission since July 2021 to provide a solution and a testing methodology for the Energy labelling requirements for mobile phones and tablets.

Latest Report - NOW AVAILABLE

Visual graphic of a social media post for Gartner Research download

Learn how mmWave is helping to release the full potential of 5G technology.


This Gartner® report shares key findings and recommendations.

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