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viSerBatt Test Automation

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With viSerBatt, you gain a professional snapshot of the
battery life performance of your device.


Smartphones displaying the interfaces of the Viser software

viSerBatt is an extract from viSer, the "Virtual User Bot" 

An ideal solution for accessing smartphone battery life performance.

From our research, we defined test scenarios based on 6 personas selected upon typical usages during a normal day. As a result, viSerBatt allows a real battery life measurement without any programming skills or complex bench setup.

A graphical close-up of the Viser Test Automation software

Six Embedded Test Scenarios

  • Gen Z

  • Millenials

  • Gen X

  • Boomers

  • Professionals

  • Day-of-Use

Visual diagram of viSerBatt displaying Test Scenarios
Visual diagram of viSerBatt, highlighting KPI Testing
How Does viSerBatt Work?

Using viSerBatt is quick and easy.


It is designed as a simple 'plug and play' solution that can be fully automated on any smartphone or mobile device. 

There is no need for previous knowledge or complex setting up. Test results are repeatable, trustable and are immediately available.


viSerBatt has been adopted and is well used by many Telecom players as a robust and reliable solution to provide a battery life snapshot, for improved user experience. 

Cell Phones

See for yourself how the viSerBatt solution can help you to gain valuable

knowledge about the battery life of smartphones - in a simple snapshot.

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The Key Benefits

Icon featuring a green tick within a green circle

Immediate insight

on Battery Life


Icon featuring a green tick within a green circle

No programming



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and time


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Device (HW)


Commercial and Enginneering

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Improve QoE with better Battery Life Performance which has a direct impact on sales and success.

Customer Success Stories

We have many customers using our proven test automation solutions, learn more about what has made them successful. ​​

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Product Overview

With viSerBatt you gain a professional snapshot on the battery life.

Our product encompasses key elements that have been carefully selected for you by

our team of experts to achieve a trustable Quality of Experience (QoE) battery life assessment.

We benefit from years of experience by Mobile Professionals

(Mobile Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, Ranking Media)

from who we have gain valuable knowledge and gained expertise based on their expectations.





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