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Telecom Regulators

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Deliver Super Efficient Mobile Network Assesements

Enabling Regulators to deliver fast and effective assessments and audits on Mobile Network Operators

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At SmartViser we offer an array of testing automated products and services that help meet the challenges of Telecoms Regulators across the world. From Network assessments and benchmarks to device checks.

Challenges Overcome Include:


  • Fast and effective Network assessments in any location including driving routes

  • Unravel ITU standardized Audio MOS performance using an objective and repeatable process removing subjectivity

  • Compare network coverage and accessibility including areas with weak signal

  • Simplify the Network quality and performance benchmarking amongst the MNOs

  • Perform periodic Mobile Network audits with clear reproducible insights  

  • Allow mobile network evaluations by following the recommendations by ETSI TR 103 559 and ITU-T E.806

How we solve them

We provide full test automation products and solutions.


Device agnostic, commercial and development devices. Any device, any chipset, iOS/Android. 


Comprehensive. Any user action like calls, SMS, MMS, web browsing, video, gaming, data etc. Covering a wide scope of ETSI TR 103 559 and ITU-T E.806 recommendations.


Real-time data analytics with tailor-made dashboards and results plotted in maps.

Over 100 KPIs support for device and network.


Standalone with no additional equipment required for set up. 


Scalable with Remote control operation. From test to results automatically available in the analytics dashboard without any user action.

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