Enhance your test capacities with our hardware accessories


Product Overview

Our set of add-on hardware accessories are meant to improve and ease the testing. 

Our SmartCompanion can be associated to viSer test suite, or it can be used independently.


Multi SIM cards
Switching device




The SmartBoard is perfect for environments where multiple SIM cards need to be tested on the same smartphone without any manual action required to change the card.

It can also be dedicated to Power measurement activities by switching automatically from no charging to PC charging or to AC/DC charging.

Use cases examples

  • Smartphone testing on several Networks / Carriers

  • Smartphone testing with several SIM cards
    (i.e. different provisioning, different parameters)

  • Smartphone Battery charging, USB device charge, device burn in and even production testing.


Easy Test parallelisation

Immediate extensive results

Reduced time on consuming manual operations

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