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Battery Life Assessment

Want to stand out in the crowd? Let’s talk about Battery life!

Battery life is clearly one of the most important factors when end users are looking to purchase a device.
Media reviews on battery performance play a major part in the device they end up purchasing.

People rely on their devices increasingly more and they expect to be able to use it for a full day without needing to charge it.

Despite what we could think at first, the battery life performance is not just a question of big milliamps (mAh) capacity. Even if the capacity level remains a good indicator, the battery life also depends on other elements.

Among these elements, there are the ones linked to the device itself such as the processor efficiency, the software requirements or the screen size.

But it’s also a matter of settings. Should you prefer more brightness, listening to your music with a high volume or activate the GPS function all the time and be in weak signal environments, you will not have the same impact as someone who does not do so.

The smartphone price range must be considered too. An expensive high-end phone with a great look, a top user interface and big speed features will not necessarily have the best battery life as these features are very power demanding. On the other side, a mid-range smartphone showing simpler configuration and design could have a very good battery life.


Not mentioning that each time there is a new “G”, we all know that battery life is a key issue. The jump in the 5G technology will bring even more challenges on the battery life duration.

At SmartViser we are very much aware of all these parameters and that’s why we operate very precise measurements according to rigorous test protocols conditions.

Our fully independent results are supplied into power deep dive reports providing device manufacturers with the key metrics they need to meet their devices rollout challenges.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of products and services ranking from expert-level solutions to turnkey validation packs.

At SmartViser, we are happy to help brands from all sizes making the most of their product range potential and find the best consumer’s reach point.