Monitoring and alerting

Discover a light monitoring and alerting solution free from additional hardware and operated upon real user actions and devices

The past several years have been very tough for Mobile Operators and Mobile Virtual Operators. Consumption of mobile data has boomed, and masses of end users now spend ever increasing amount of time on their smartphones.

At the same time network operations are becoming more complex from the challenges of the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) rollout to the newly introduction of 5G technology.

This has resulted in heavy investment in the wireless networks to meet the demand and continue offering superior quality both QoE (Quality of Experience) and QoS (Quality of Service).

These challenges though have taken their toll as evidenced in recent years by high profile outages and service degradations affecting equally some of the largest mobile networks across the world and smaller ones.

Some of these outages have lasted more than 24hours aggravating and inconveniencing subscribers.

According to a report from a telecom research firm Heavy Reading these network issues are costing mobile operators around $15 billion a year. A separate report by Light Reading magazine estimates the cost as $11K per minute.

It is therefore essential for Mobile Network Operators to continuously monitor their network and receive alerts when there is a degrading in the services.


SmartViser has developed a light monitoring and alerting solution to monitor all the core elements of network by executing use cases as a user will do using devices that end user mainly use and not relying on probes or any hardware set up.

This allows the MNOs and MVNOs to update the test scrips of the smartphone devices based on the latest user trends.


24/7 tests can be run on the following features and an email alert will be sent if there are errors after one round or more:

  • Call Performance and stability

  • Voice Quality

  • Messaging Performance

  • Data performance

  • Youtube