Test as a Service

Test as a Service (TaaS)

Product Overview


SmartViser's skilled people are at our customers' disposal for their testing needs.

Indeed, thanks to our in-house automated testing solutions and facilities, we provide an unmatched service offer and deliver detail & comprehensive KPI reports.

We propose an external testing capability to R&D, Marketing and Validation teams to complement their resources.

With our TaaS offer, our customers simply get a reliable ready-to-analyse assessment of their devices.


Some of our TaaS service areas



  • Testing scope definition
    battery, modem, Camera, Countries targeted for the Field Test,

  • Competitor devices supply for accurate benchmark

  • Deep dive report delivery
    with all the advices to improve your product

  • Device Validation (Modem, Reliability, Performance, …)

  • Maturity Assessment (against reference device)

  • Battery testing (Battery Life, Power deep dive)

  • Camera testing (Performance, VCX rating)

  • Field testing (Pre deployment, Certification)

Top 5 Customer Cases


  • Pre-launch assessment

  • Benchmark
  • Field testing

  • Battery Life Media Rating and Pre-testing

  • VoLTE/VoWiFi testing


Optimized resources and time

Expert and Trusted 3rd party standpoint

Cost effective thanks to cutting edge automation

Ship your device, not your team!

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