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We look forward to meeting face-to-face with some of the biggest manufacturers and brands in the region and discussing business opportunities. Also, we can learn more about the latest trends and technologies shaping the telecoms industry. 


Meet us to discover our Active Test Automation Solution for Connectivity, Networks, and Devices Assurance. Public and Private Networks will be showcased at the SmartViser Stand. Our team will demonstrate a selection of active, cutting-edge test automation solutions that include Smartphone Validation, Network Assessment and our innovative 5G Testing Services aimed at helping you to optimise your testing capabilities while reducing costs and saving time. 

In addition, SmartViser can offer an update on the Audio MOS/ Voice Quality solution, based on the viSer Test Automation solution, where user actions like calls can be automatically performed. Results are sent to Viser Web Services (VWS) Analytics Studio, which monitors and views real-time viSer test results, allowing for comprehensive understanding and insight into data analytics.​

We look forward to talking through our solutions, and giving valuable insights into Test Automation for the following products and services: 

Device Validation

Cover all the key domains for a successful device launch in the market

Enhanced Voice MOS (POLQA)

We have new features added to our voice evaluation solution, one of the lightest solution in the market. Use on any device, Android, iOS to test cellular (3G, VoLTE etc) and OTT call services like WhatsApp etc.

Network QoE Performance

Test automation that clearly measures and visualises all the key factors that influence User Experience.

5G Testing 

Now with enhanced features including data throughout, bidirectional data transfer, and 5G latency


​​Our expert welcomes the opportunity, over the 2 days, to come together with customers, prospects and partners to discuss ideas and solutions enabling innovative testing automation.

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