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Success stories for mission critical (PTT)

Mission critical, public safety networks and organisations are faced with new levels of complexity, especially with push to talk (PTT) applications. Discover how test automation helps to increase test efficiency by 75% for one mission critical organisation.

Complex communication operations improved from valuable testing.
Emergency Services, showing how Mission Critical connectivity is vital in a case study



"Increased quality and reliability for PPT application gained from test automation actionable insights."

The Challenge

  • Assessment of Push To Talk application performance.

  • Audio MOS score measurement of PPT application as the existing tool did not cover this use case.

The Solution

  • An agreement that viSer test automation solution with Audio MOS was implemented.

  • Consideration was given to the KPIs that consisted of the Audio MOS POLQA score. The focus was on KPIs including, connection time, call establishment time, and mouth-to-ear latency.

  • As well as viSer, Viser Web Services (VWS) Analytics Studio was deployed as the fastest way to analyse test results and view them. A tailor-made interactive dashboard was created for the reporting of test results for only the relevant KPIs.


The Results

  • Test efficiency improvements:

Significant increases in test efficiency on average by 75% as a result of the implementation of test automation used to streamline operations​.

  • Quicker identification of issues:

During the testing phases, more issues were identified and resolved much earlier in the project than in previous ones.

  • Quality and reliability increases:

Over time, the project showed achievements in both quality and reliability. These proven increases for the PPT application confirmed that it was fit for mission critical usage.

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