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Energy and utilities

Diverse test automation solutions for ensuring reliable connectivity and communication.


At SmartViser we offer an array of test automation products that help meet the challenges utility companies like electricity, gas, nuclear plants, and water management are facing with connectivity coverage and reliability of service.

Organisations that need reliable connectivity like remote industrial plants and oil rigs in places where they cannot rely on a public network. 

Reliable communication and connectivity are needed at all times.

Challenges to overcome include

  • Connectivity coverage assessment.

  • The establishment of a private network as not have enough coverage with the public network.

  • Continuous network assessment and alarms when quality drops.

  • Identify coverage and reachability including weak areas.

  • Measure Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) at any time​.

  • Perform network health checks.​​​

How we solve them

We provide full test automation products and solutions.


Device agnostic, commercial and development devices. Any device, any chipset, iOS/Android. 


Comprehensive. Any key user action like calls and data.


Real-time data analytics with tailor-made dashboards and results plotted in maps.

Over 100 KPIs support device and network.


Standalone with no additional equipment required for set up. 


Scalable with remote control operation. From test to results are automatically available in the analytics dashboard without any user action.


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