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Battery is the number ONE key factor for User Satisfaction


Product Overview


With viSerBatt you gain a professional snapshot on the battery life. Our product encompasses key elements that have been carefully selected for you by our team of experts to achieve a trustable QoE battery life assessment.

We benefit from years of experience by Mobile professionals (Mobile Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, Ranking Media) from whom we learnt and gained an expertise based on their expectations.

Therefore we have been able to define our embedded test scenarios reflecting 6 personas typical usages.

As a result, viSerBatt allows a real battery life measurement without any programming skills or complex bench set up.

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Six Embedded Test Scenarios


  • Gen Z

  • Millenials

  • Gen X

  • Boomers

  • Professionals

  • Day-of-Use

Top Customer Cases


  • Battery performance verification

  • Media Rating Pre-testing

  • Operator Acceptance Pre-testing


Immediate insight on Battery Life performance

No programming skills required

Resources and Time saving

Device (HW) Agnostic 

Sales growth thanks to confidence in good ranking



  • Simple plug & play solution

  • Real end-user usage (6 profiles proposed)

  • Fully automated on any device

  • Repeatable, trustable and immediate results

  • Adopted reference by Telecom players