A core focus on assessing and improving Quality of Experience


  • ViserLabs is the new services entity from SmartViser.

  • Using the most powerful test automation suite, ViserLabs has a core focus
    on assessing and improving Quality of Experience on smartphones.

  • As an independent test lab, ViserLabs first label will translate mAh into direct
    and objective battery life scores.

  • ViserLabs also offers additional testing services, all optimized thanks to the
    automated test suite by SmartViser

SmartViser’s objective at heart has always been to help customers face new technology and market challenges. In order to always bring more support to its customers, SmartViser is proud to announce the creation of ViserLabs, an entity dedicated to benchmark and testing services

A core focus on assessing and improving Quality of Experience

As a smartphone manufacturer, you’re always looking for more possibilities to stand out from the crowd and put forward your development efforts. Going beyond specifications, quality of experience is key and most valued by end users.

As an independent lab, using the strength of the test automation suite from SmartViser, ViserLabs measures and validates key areas of user experience, enabling manufacturers to translate technical specifications into straightforward consumer benefits. Our first label measures autonomy, translating mAh into direct battery life scores.

With a user centric mindset, all devices tested in our labs run through a robust scenario mimicking a typical day of use, with a series of usages (calls, social networks, browsing, various multimedia use cases, …) either on Wi-Fi or cellular, under monitored test conditions. Do not hesitate to send your devices and get your score now!

Going beyond, thanks to objective and automated testing, ViserLabs is also able to assist and drive manufacturers to improve their QoE. We offer consultancy services to help manufacturers define their goals, reach and even exceed end user’s expectations, ensuring a true product success on the market.

In addition, Viserlabs offers a wide range of expert testing services to accelerate your go-to-market and support your business. Whether you’re a device manufacturer or an industry player, ViserLabs can define with you appropriate test plans and run them for you, making your devices ready to hit the market (examples: field testing or any ad-hoc testing).

Finally, you’re a network operator but do not have the resources to do everything in your labs? Familiar with operators’ approval process, ViserLabs can perform on your behalf some key validation steps such as field or battery testing with your own test execution plan, in direct contact with device manufacturers.

Thanks to our automated tool, we bring unique capabilities enabling a very robust process and making it easy for you to monitor. We’ve recently been accredited as an official test house for SFR in France.

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