viSerNetwork Test Suite

Product Overview


viSerNetwork Test Suite helps validation teams to automate a large (and boring) part of their testing operations and thus allows them to better focus on their core task which is test plans definition and results analysis.

Thanks to our solution ranging from easy-to-deploy standalone tools up to complex Lab automation setups, our customers can build their own test plan or make a selection among our reference ones.

Devices can be stressed and stressed again by the running of scenarios reflecting real end-users usage. As a result viSerNetwork  provides a true picture of the Quality of Experience (QoE).

Choosing viserDevice solution means getting means to optimize resources and testing processes with a reference which has already been adopted by Telecom key players.

Some of viSerNetwork Key Metrics


  • Success rate of each test case

  • Mapping of th Performance

  • Detail KPIs (100+) per domain:

    • Call establishment time,

    • FR2LTE or CSFB or MOS

    • Data Throughput, or loading time

    • % battery,

    • RAT change,

    • Cell ID,

    • GPS Location

    • Timeout/Watchdog



  • All-in-one standalone solution for full automated testing

  • Pre-embedded test script up to complex test scenario (Parallel, Sequential …) mixing any user action into one single test campaign

  • Consistent Metrics on any device (HW agnostic)

  • Easy and reliable comparison by devices synchronization

Top Customer Cases


  • VoLTE/VoWifi launch readiness

  • Network Connectivity

  • Network Coverage

  • Network Benchmark

  • Network Roaming Performance

  • 5G Preparation


Easy to use & deploy (Plug & Play, no extra equipment or programming skills required)

Unmatched ROI (Average of 40% Cost savings and 70% Time saving)

Reliable & Secure (No impact on the device, unsupervised tests)

Device (HW) Agnostic (Commercial and under development devices)

Comprehensive (Any user action, stationary and mobility testing)

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