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TCCA Critical Communications World 2024 Key Insights

Critical Communications World (CCW) 2024, the premier global event for communications industry professionals, hosted exhibitors from 26 countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, North America, and Australia. The event took place from 14-16 May at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE. Over 130 exhibitors participated, showcasing the latest technologies and mission-critical products and services driving progress in the critical communications sector.

For over 20 years, CCW has been the top global conference and exhibition for the critical communications industry, offering an unparalleled international networking platform for mission-critical and business-critical end-users to connect, enhance their knowledge, and explore the latest technologies.

SmartViser Critical Communications World 24 Key Insights

Under the theme ‘Securing society and industry – Connection is the lifeline’, TCCA has delivered an ‘unparalleled experience’ and exceptional insights.

Kevin Graham, Chief Executive Officer, TCCA, said:

"As the leading event in the critical communications sector, CCW is internationally renowned, revered, and respected for its outstanding track record in bringing professionals, organisations, and industry experts together to converge, collaborate, and innovate in the mission-critical communications realm. Now the biggest, most important edition yet has arrived, we’re naturally thrilled that the latest innovations and strategies that define the industry’s future are now being unveiled to the world. Without question, new foundations for transformative changes that enhance global safety and security are about to be solidified.”

CCW 2024 Dubai Event Image

Main Themes and Trends of Critical Communications World 2024

1. Hybrid Mission Critical Networks and Devices

The shift from voice-centric to information-centric field operations is progressing significantly. Previously hindered by technology, field operations are now enhanced by digital narrowband services like TETRA and the introduction of critical broadband over 4G/5G, removing technological barriers and highlighting cultural limitations and imaginative potential.

On the network front, existing TETRA/P25 capabilities will be maintained for some time, while more organizations receive limited dedicated spectrum for public safety LTE/5G, with non-critical traffic offloaded to commercial networks. Since no single network can ensure 100% availability, satellite solutions, interworking functions, and device-to-device will enhance coverage and reliability.

In terms of devices single technology TETRA handhelds and ruggedised, MCX-enabled smartphones will operate side by side and in CCW24 we have seen several manufacturers unveiling devices for hybrid usage delivering mission-critical TETRA and 4G LTE broadband voice and data communications. There were some great examples from Sepura, Motorola and Hytera.

2. Impact of 5G and other broadband technologies in the evolution of Critical Communication Networks

Critical communications networks must ensure coverage, capacity, availability, and suitability for their specific purposes. TETRA, the globally adopted narrowband standard for critical communications, is designed for mission-critical voice and short messaging. It achieves coverage through low-frequency deployments and meets capacity needs with efficient semi-duplex group functions. TETRA ensures availability with multiple redundancy layers, including overlapping cell coverage, autonomous base station operation, and direct device-to-device communication (Direct Mode Operation).

Recent advancements in 4G/5G have introduced viable alternatives. Particularly with 5G, additional access methods, such as Non-Terrestrial-Networks (NTN) and Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellations, provide backup connections when visible. Device-to-Device (D2D) over Sidelink extends coverage to underground areas via network gateways.

3GPP standards-based broadband networks operate across multiple frequency bands, balancing coverage and capacity. Mission Critical Services (MCX) – including Push-to-Talk, Video, and Data – enhanced with Quality of Service, Priority, and Pre-emption (QPP) capabilities, offering new deployment options.

3. Certification Process

Following the TCCA Critical Communications World, Global Certification Forum (GCF) and TCCA-Critical Communications held the MCS workshop and MCSWS #36 meeting on the 17th of May kindly hosted by Airbus Public Safety and Security in their offices in Dubai. GCF’s global device certification programme developed by Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, and Test Industry is being

extended to include MCS certification. Certification of Mission Critical Services products will cover initial Conformance testing, with Field Trials Testing and Interoperability Testing following in later stages. Rel-14 MCPTT is the launch candidate for Phase 1, with MCVideo and MCData.

International Critical Communications Awards (ICCAs)

The Critical Communications Association (TCCA) announced the winners of the 2024 International Critical Communications Awards (ICCAs), honoring the most outstanding products, individuals, and organizations to have broadened industry capabilities and delivered new value over the last year. There were 13 categories some of the winners are listed below:

Best Hybrid device

Motorola Solutions, MXM7000 TETRA and 4G LTE device

Best MCX product or solution of the year

Crosscall, CORE-Z5 smartphone

Emerging technology, product or solutions

Advances in Sustainability

Best use of critical communications in transport

Hoimyung ICT, LTE-R cab radio

Highly commended – Motorola Solutions, Narita International Airport

Critical Communications World 2025

There is certainly great progress made in the last 12 months and we are looking forward to seeing everyone again in about 12 months in Brussels where the 2025 Critical Communications World will take place between 17-19 of June at Brussels Expo.

Critical Communications World event Image

It was a pleasure for SmartViser to be part of the CCW2024 and the GCF/TCCA workshop. At SmartViser we fully support the MCS Certification activities and Viser Test automation is already deployed in a mission-critical network ACMOSS - Agence des communications mobiles opérationnelles de sécurité et de secours - in France. 

This deployment is a key step in assessing essential KPIs for the Réseau Radio du Futur (RRF), ensuring reliable and effective communication for public safety and emergency services. 

SmartViser Press Release ACMOSS Mission Critical

Do you want to know more about how SmartViser can help you with your 5G satellite and terrestrial deployments?

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Susie Siouti CCO SmartViser

Susie Siouti is the Chief Commercial Officer for SmartViser, helping organisations in the Telecommunications industry offer superior end-user quality of experience and service by introducing innovative test automation products. Susie has 20 years of experience in the Telecoms industry and, in that time, has led teams across the world, mainly in Testing and Compliance. Holding an MBA from Henley Business School brings diverse skills and expertise, including business acumen, strategic thinking, financial management, sales and marketing expertise, leadership, and innovation.

Susie joined SmartViser in 2016 and is part of the internal steering committee responsible for developing and implementing the company's commercial strategy and encouraging a customer-centric culture. The main mission is to help organizations to create value by offering better quality products and services by improving operational efficiency and innovation.


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