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Success stories for smartphone manufacturers

Explore how smartphone operators are leveraging mobile test automation to enhance QoE and QoS to achieve the best end user experience.

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Device manufacturer gains 1 day extended battery life with Viserbatt test solution.

Mobile Phone held in Hand showing a dead battery

​The challenge

  • Poor battery life performance issues in a new planned smartphone model.

  • Battery performance issues remain unidentified as the main areas with the most power consumption could not be established.

The solution

  • SmartViser Test Services and Battery Life Optimisation consultancy used.

  • Testing provided a detailed report covering power drain measurements of key activities based on real-time usage.

  • Identify battery issues and optimise them.

  • Use Viserbatt to gain a snapshot of the battery life.

The results

  • Our testing process helped to increase battery life performance to over 1 day, by deploying test automation, complete monitoring and further optimisation of battery life for existing models and future models.

  • The customer has received very positive end-user feedback, proving that reallocating resources and switching to test automation contributed to exceeding customer exceptions.


What our customers say about us

"We as manufacturers of smartphones aim to deliver the best experience for our users. Developing newer smartphones requires a large amount of time and expenditure to be competitive and visible in a very crowded and fast-moving market. The battery life of a smartphone is critical to users and their daily productivity. Our R&D has put a lot of effort into providing a superior battery life performance for our end users.

SmartViser was chosen for this project as they offered superior knowledge on smartphone battery life and performance, critical to us when considering future smartphones. The SmartViser testing was impressive and performed in very strict testing conditions.  Our smartphone passed very rigorous testing protocols and we are extremely pleased with our ViserMark Label as a result of the overall tests.

Thanks to ViserMark we were able to clearly communicate our leadership in best battery life performance. The ViserMark score has a direct impact to our sales and end-user experience.”

Wiko-Tinno  - R&D

“As mobile devices become more and more powerful and meet new habits (online streaming, gaming, 5G), battery life is more than ever a challenge for manufacturers.


At OPPO, we continuously work on optimizing our devices to increase battery life, and provide customers with innovative features like the world’s fastest flash charge technology SuperVOOC 2.0.


Now, thanks to the new ViserMark score, users can get a quick, factual overview of a device’s performance on battery life, and check if it is suited for them or not.”

David Chauvaud - Product Marketing Chief at OPPO France

"Thanks to SmartViser’s solutions, our testing team will focus on what matters most for our end users. We want to ensure we deliver the highest quality devices for our global market"


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