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SmartViser's offers a variety of Test Services to match all your testing needs. Thanks to our in-house automated testing solutions and facilities, we provide an unmatched service offer and deliver detailed & comprehensive KPI reports.

Testing Services and Consultancy

Business Meeting

Your global partner with a vast selection and Testing Services and Consultancy to help you deliver products and services on time and on budget exceeding customer expectations

Increase Quality, Reduce Time and Costs

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SmartViser wants to help our customers, with teams of all sizes to succeed in today's fast pace technology with shorter cycles and increased complexity. 

We offer a comprehensive product portfolio of
end-to-end testing solutions and services.   

We are the right partner to fulfill your mobile testing requirements.

Global Partner to succeed and overcome any challenge

 SmartViser's skilled experts and years of testing and validating complex projects have helped us to develop deep knowledge and understanding in the field. Our technical know-how can help our customers navigate the challenges of today's world in launching new devices or services in the market, implementing test automation and process improvements.

Our professional services and our team of product and technical experts can assist you with your tailor-made flexible testing solutions that align with your business and your budget. We can help you achieve your goals with recommendations while avoiding common mishaps and stumbling blocks along the way.  


We can bring onsite and remote expertise support and offer in-depth consultations. Whether you need us to manage all your testing or choose to use it yourself, we can guide you through viSer


Internationally Accepted Testing Standards

At SmartViser, we deliver cutting edge Smartphone Testing Solutions, that helps you realise the benefits of our innovative and automated technology. Our viSer software helps to manage, modernise and enhance your Smartphone and Networks, in a dynamic telecommunications environment, on-premises, remotely and in the cloud.

What Our Customers Say

"All the elements we needed to automate our tests were successfully brought together with SmartViser, the support and the test solution. We have doubled our testing load and halved the testing time.  We have won on both sides"

"We have selected SmartViser to optimise our bearer interoperability test. Thanks to the viSer” solution and the associated scheduler product “SynchroviSer”, we can drive the DUT and external parts (like lab test equipment) for complex scenarios testing."

Your tool is being extremely helpful to handle all this COVID-19 pandemic. We have been able to avoid the need for several employees to use their cars to carry out mobility tests.  This has helped us to minimise any contamination risks.   





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