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Success stories for mission critical

viSer accelerates and simplifies mission critical operations with streamlined testing processes and technology integration.

A comprehensive test automation solution was adopted to extend network coverage, boosting efficiency by 75%.

An ambulance on a road, highlighting the importance of Audio MOS Testing , full article available to read

The challenge

  • Benchmark Audio MOS score measurement on Push To Talk (PTT) applications and VoLTE calls.

  • Identify network coverage and performance on all major motorway routes.

  • Appraise test automation for streamlining manual testing taking 12 months.

The solution

  • Implement viSer with Audio MOS, as a comprehensive total solution.

  • Create test automated scripts with calls every minute for 30 seconds to be executed.

  • The tester selects motorway routes for test coverage.

  • Use viSer Web Services (VWS) Analytics Studio to provide KPI analysis, with results presented and plotted across a map.

The results

  • Greater visibility of network performance and easier identification of coverage weak spots.

  • Improved test efficiency and prioritisation over larger geographical areas.

  • Shorter testing phases using test automation, reduced from 12 months of manual testing to 3 months.

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