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EU Energy labelling

From the 20th of June 2025, any smartphone device or tablet sold in Europe will require an energy label.

EU regulation

SmartViser has worked with the European Commission to create the test methodology for the Energy Labelling Regulation. The pilot application was launched in August 2023.

Eco Design and Energy Labelling EU Commission regulations were published on 20th of September 2023 dictating all smartphones and tablets introduced to the market from 20th of June 2025, will require an energy label showing the Energy class and Battery endurance.

Any device placed in the market after the 20th of June 2025 will require an Energy label even if the particular model was launched before the regulation came into effect.

For the product's lifetime, any major updates like OS upgrade will require re-testing and the energy label will need to be revised if there are different values.

SmartViser Energy Label Smartphones and Tablets

Testing methodology overview

SmartViser EU Energy label testing methodology

Challenges and solutions

Challenges to overcome include
  • The Energy label will become a key marketing asset for smartphone and tablet manufacturers influencing end users' purchase decisions.

  • Understand battery performance in order to optimise software for better battery energy consumption.

  • Lengthy process for battery testing.

SmartViser EU Energy Label architecture
How we solve them
  • Test on any chipset, any device Android or iOS using end users' devices without rooting or jailbreaking.

  • Full end-to-end automation following the regulation process and requirements.

  • Collaboration with all key Network Emulator vendors to help for seamless environment set up​.

Data Results Available

Detailed KPIs available include:

  • Energy Class and Battery Endurance

  • Battery Parameters Timelines (%, Capacity, Temperature)

  • Current and Power consumption per user action

  • Current Timelines

  • Performance KPIs and Trends: Data, Throughput, Call, Web browsing, Media player

  • Key settings (brightness, volume)

Energy Efficiency Webinar Message

SmartViser 's EU Labelling Webinar

Use cases

Smartviser Test Automation Governmental Agencies

Market Surveillance Authorities

Ensuring smoth auditing of the places that are placed in the market are abding with the regulation and the publised results are validated.

Smartviser Test Automation Testing Labs

Testing Labs

Testing as part of conformance and certification on behalf of Smartphones and tablets manufacturers


Smartphones and Tablets Manufacturers

Ensure device meets the Regulation requirements. Pre test new devices in order to optimise sofware. Test for the life duration of the product to ensure no regression

Collaborations with Mobile Network Emulator Equipment Providers


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