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Media's Use of Mobile Test Automation for Engaging Content

Informing Readers on Smartphone Trends and Brand News

Discover how the media is utilising mobile test automation to provide engaging content on smartphone trends and developments to their audience.
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​The Challenge

  • Battery life testing procedures run in a semi-automatic manner

  • All testing was performed manually during office hours

The Solution

  • SmartViser used viSer as a Test Automation solution installed onsite in testing labs

  • Deployment of a fully automated mobile testing solution for testing the battery life of smartphones

  • Customised testing procedures that can be precisely defined to meet dynamic changes in technology

The Results

  • Shorten testing cycles enable mobile reviews to be released to the readership faster than ever before

  • Greater emphasis on quality of information gained from improved accuracy of test results

  • A reliable testing environment for assured accurate results fully comparable with previous test results

  • Added customisation allows for the identification and investigation of abnormalities during testing phases

  • A flexible test automation solution that supports easy adaptation to meet future mobile review requirements

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