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Innovative Test Automation Solutions

Optimise your testing capabilities.
Reduce costs and time, improve QoE and QoS


Active Test Automation for Connectivity, Networks, and Devices Assurance. Public and Private Networks

Ready To Help With Your
Testing Challenges 

Since 2014, SmartViser has turned our expertise in Telecom Testing into innovative AI test automation products for Mobile Network Operators, Device Manufacturers, and Mission-Critical organisations who need to optimise testing, improve testing coverage, and reduce testing costs.


Our innovative automated testing solutions can provide the assurance you need on all your testing needs

(Test Automation, Test Services, Consultancy) within budget and on time.  ​At SmartViser, we deliver active, cutting-edge automated Smartphone and Mobile Network Testing Products and Testing Services that support your testing to meet changing requirements, helping you keep your projects on track. 


Our powerful AI standalone test solution is unlike other solutions, as there is no need for additional hardware and a complex setup. SmartViser offers a complete testing solution that lets you easily and quickly optimise your testing. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your testing requirements and provide options to find the right solution. 

Discover How We Can Optimise
Your Testing 

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  • Accelerate time to market

  • Increase productivity

  • Optimise testing time by an average of 75%

  • Automate time-consuming and repeatable tests

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improve quality

  • Increase test capacity and coverage 

  • 24/7 testing campaigns

  • Streamline testing processed

  • Test more and smart

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Cost Saving  icon

reduce costs

  • 1/10th of the cost versus manual testing

  • No additional hardware 

  • No complex setup

  • Simple standalone solution

Enhance QoE  icon

Enhance qoe

  • Quickly identify weaknesses with user experience

  • Test as an end-user

  • Get actionable and powerful analytics on results

  • Gain your competitive advantage

Why Work With Us
Viser Display screens

Our customers choose to work with us because they recognise us as an independent mobile testing expert with long experience within Telecoms. As a result, SmartViser has well-established relationships with key industry organisations, which have adopted reference test solutions, including Mobile Network Operators for device/network testing, Smartphone Manufacturers for device validation and Media for device rating.

Ready to assist and support is our diverse in-house technical team. Using expertise gained from extensive global market knowledge we have the resources, the skillset and comprehensive language support you need.

Using our testing solutions offers tangible, real-time benefits for any organisation that wants: 

  • Unmatched ROI

    • 1/10th of cost vs manual testing

    • 75% increased productivity

    • 24/7 operation, run campaigns in parallel

  • Device (HW) Agnostic

    • Commercial & Development devices

    • Any chipset, any model, including feature versions

  • Reliable & Secure

    • No Jailbreak, No impact on the device

    • Unsupervised (automated) tests

Optimise Testing
How Can We Help Your Business
Test Automation Products


Viser test bot is a powerful, scalable, fully automated virtual user solution.



Use viSerBatt to gain a professional snapshot on the battery life. Measurement based on embedded scenarios based on various end user usage

Audio MOS

Audio MOS

Audio MOS allows end-to-end audio voice quality ratings based on POLQA Algorithm



Get all the results from viSer in ViSer Web Services (VWS) an interactive dashboard and data analytics in real time.



The SmartBoard is perfect for environments where multiple SIM cards need to be tested on the same smartphone without any manual action required.



PC orchestrator tool

Testing and Consultancy Services
Test As A Service (TaaS)

Test As A Service (TaaS)

Your trusted partner with a long standing experience in Telecoms

SFR Test House

SFR Test House

Accredited SFR-Altice Test Group to perform device acceptance testing for new devices or MR.



Professional services to support any project

ViserMark Labels

ViserMark Labels

Easy-to-understand view of Battery Life and Performance insights

They Trust Us

Our customers are at the heart of our innovation. We work with Mobile Operators, Device Manufacturers, Media, Retailers, Transportation, Government and Defence and many more.

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What our customers say about us

"Thanks to SmartViser’s solutions, our testing team will focus on what matters most for our end users. We want to ensure we deliver the highest quality devices for our global market"

Head of R&D

"All the elements we needed to automate our tests were successfully brought together with SmartViser, the support and the test solution. We have doubled our testing load and halved the testing time. We have both won on both sides!"

Testing and Validation Team

"Up so far, we’ve always been running our battery life tests in a semi-automatic manner. This meant testing was conducted only during office hours and this took a toll on the time needed to complete each phone review. "

Lead Editor Devices 

“We are testing around 100 smartphones per year. With the SmartvVser automation tool,

we have saved more than

65% on-time executing

our test plan.”



"We were looking for a solution to measure smartphones battery life in a more realistic way than just having a video played on a loop on the device. SmartViser fully answered this need and provided the most complete solution we ever had. As a result, we now automate 90% of Testing".


"All the elements we needed to automate our tests were successfully brought together with SmartViser, the support and the test solution. We have doubled our testing load and halved the testing time. We have both won on both sides!"

“The SmartViser tool is constantly running during the product development process, automatically performing extreme tests. Call, chat, social networks, gaming, camera… Wiko’s smartphones live through the toughest usage.”


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