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How to Build Effective Remote Testing Capabilities

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

The pandemic has profoundly disrupted economies and organisations across the globe with short term and long term impact.

As of this writing over 115 Million cases have been reported worldwide. The introductions of the vaccines has brought a glimmer of hope but the return to pre - Covid life according to some experts is still a long way ahead. The pandemic though, has a massive impact on global economies affecting an array of industries including a wide and potential lasting effect on the smartphone market. Several articles in the news highlighted all the difficulties for the whole Telecoms industry delays in devices and technologies launches.

According to Gartner "The COVID-19 pandemic continued to impact the global mobile phone industry, as worldwide sales of smartphones to end users totaled 295 million units, a decline of 20.4% in the second quarter of 2020"

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve, it is very clear that there has never been a more pressing need for companies to rethink and reconfigure their businesses and continuity plans in order to respond to this impact. In terms of smartphone manufacturers and Mobile Operators there is an opportunity to master remote software testing in order to reduce risk and the negative impact in their business.

Some of the lessons learned during the pandemic is than in order to overcome the new challenges businesses need to adapt and change. Smartphone manufacturers continue releasing new devices and technology in the market and they need to ensure the products are thoroughly tested and major issues are fixed before they are launched in the market. At the same time Mobile Network Operators releasing new technologies like 5G need to ensure testing is continued seamlessly and roaming testing is not impacted by travel restrictions and disruptions.

Key Recommendations

  1. Create a change leadership and a culture that embraces change and a greater level of autonomy among the team.

  2. Invest in new business models and solutions

  3. Introduce test automation and utilise SaaS test platforms

  4. Optimise collaboration

  5. Create virtual teams channels with the use of technology and new service offerings

  6. Test where your customers are so you get unbiased results that are not artificial.

Key Benefits

  1. Support Business Growth

  2. Reduce Costs as you no longer have to send teams to multiple locations

  3. Reduce time to market as you are longer burdened with logistics, constraints of travel and scheduling staff availability

  4. Reduce Risk with more confidence on the software releases and product launch

  5. Ensure Business Continuity

OPTION 1 - Test Automation

Empower your team with the Test Automation Solution viSer that can be controlled remotely.

Grant your team the autonomy to determine the tests that needs to be perform and give them the opportunity to launch remotely test campaigns as and when needed.

Test all key functions like VoLTE, VoWiFi, 5G, Data throughput, Audio MOS, Battery performance etc in live network or roaming conditions:

International Roaming is a key area for Mobile Network Operators and has proven very challenging to test in the recent months. With viSer test automation there are two ways to test the Quality of Service (QoS), Quality of Experince (QoE) and accurate billing while while roaming abroad.

1) Devices with local SIM cards can be send anywhere in the world. Thanks to viSer test automation the recipients can run the testing once the device is recieved and the results will be uploaded automatically in real time

2) Have devices located in different countries for live active testing. Test campaigns can be launched remotely. Results are updated in real time.

OPTION 2 - Remote Lab

Send us your devices in one or multiple locations across Europe. You no longer need to arrange and schedule travel for your staff.

Define your testing scope

Define the project duration

The Remote lab offers the opportunity to test new devices in all target markets and networks. You can verify before launch IMS services like VoLTE and VoWiFi, 5G, test emergency calls as well as investigating issues that were raised by Operators.

Our team of expert Test Engineers will provide logs to help the speedy resolution of issues and the test automation viSer will ensure greater testing scope at shorter times.

Remote lab subscription ideal for new devices launches as well as testing maintenance releases for already launched smartphones.

Do you want to know more?

Contact us for a free trial of viSer Test Automation

or message us to arrange a chat


Susie Siouti is the Chief Commercial Officer for SmartViser helping organisations in the Telecommunications industry offer superior end-user quality of experience and service with the introduction of innovative test automation products. Susie has 20 years of experience in the Telecoms industry and in that time has led teams across the world mainly in Testing and Compliance. Holding an MBA from Henley Business School brings a diverse set of skills and expertise, including business acumen, strategic thinking, financial management, sales and marketing expertise, leadership, and innovation.

Susie joined SmartViser in 2016, is part of the internal steering committee, responsible for developing and implementing the company's commercial strategy and encouraging a customer-centric culture. The main mission is to help organizations to create value by offering better quality products and services by improving operational efficiency and innovation.

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Jane Hill
Jane Hill
Nov 11, 2021

Great article. The pandemic has indeed made a huge difference in the business industry. Building new business models and a strategic development plan are actions that will benefit your company. The HR Smart software will perfectly cope with these tasks.

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