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SmartViser and Galaxie Media Collaboration Announcement

SmartViser Press Release

Date: 7th June 2021

SmartViser Test Automation solution empowers Galaxie Media to offer superior smartphone battery life reviews for their 11 million high-tech enthusiasts.

Galaxie Media Alliance includes PhonAndroid, Tom’s Guide France, TechRadar France, Tom’s Hardware SmartViser, a leader in mobile test automation, today announced a new alliance with Galaxie Media. This brings together the best French sites dedicated to high-tech and innovation with SmartViser the expert in test automation solutions for Smartphone testing automation based on their app called viSer.

SmartViser, by providing mobile test automation solutions is helping to shape the Smartphone industries to benefit from impactful test automation that can provide repeatable and trustable results. Combining best-in-class testing technologies, to test, monitor, benchmark and troubleshoot smartphone battery life and performance allows for superior insights into new smartphone usage patterns. The collaboration with Galaxie Media a true leader and expert in high-tech digital media and innovation brings us a wealth of knowledge to further develop the test automation to support battery life performance testing as well as other areas.

Galaxie Media brings together the best French sites dedicated to high-tech and innovation topics. They strive to provide impactful content to their high-tech enthusiasts with valuable reviews that educate and influence buyers' decisions. To continue offering superior content they investigated adding automation in the smartphone battery review. Fully automating the testing ensures consistency, accuracy, and repeatability in their test process. SmartViser as a market leader in test automation with a wealth of expertise in battery performance testing was chosen to automate all the battery performance testing.

Gilles Ricordel, CEO of SmartViser comments:

“We are happy to be in an alliance with Galaxie Media who chose our test automation viSer for the battery life and performance testing. The partnership is an exciting one and both companies operate in very dynamic environments, where technology is innovative and fast-changing. The alliance brings together more than 11 million enthusiastic high-tech people every month, who can learn the latest on advancing smartphone technology development and benefit from the results of scientific test automation results. This integration will allow for the easy exchange of highly accurate and precise Smartphone testing automation data to provide exceptional insights and validating key areas of the Smartphone battery life and performance”.

Galaxie Media highlights:

“Thank you for the SmartViser proposal, we can run our battery autonomy tests in the best conditions. All different Android applications Viser, Viser Game, Viser Replay; have allowed us to implement our benchmark test cases used to test all different devices at PhonAndroid & Tom’s Guide. SmartViser has helped us to introduce even more accuracy in our tests and has made us faster in execution, and above all in daily efficiency"

For more information about SmartViser please visit and and for more information about Galaxie Media please visit

About SmartViser:

SmartViser with long telecoms expertise and customer-centric innovation has developed the standalone test automation suite viSer that allows OEMs, ODMs, Mobile Operators, MVNOs, Regulators and any company offering Telecom Services to test, benchmark, monitor, troubleshoot or measure QoS/QoE on devices, connectivity, and mobile network technology.

SmartViser launched its first ViserMark Label to measure battery life performance translating mAh into straightforward battery life scores. Thus, allowing smartphone manufacturers to improve their battery life performance offering superior quality of experience for their end users.

Headquartered in Rennes France and with an international presence, we are fully committed to supporting our customers and are proud to collaborate with key players in the industry. Our mission is to provide cutting edge innovation to help our customers succeed in today’s fast-evolving technologies and environments.

About Galaxie Media:

Power and expertise of high-tech digital media. The Galaxie Media alliance brings together the best French sites dedicated to high-tech and innovation. Galaxie Media offer to advertisers and their agencies include tailor-made marketing scenarios activating creative solutions in terms of media, content, commerce, and influence. The alliance reunites over 11 million high-tech enthusiasts every month. Among the sites and brands managed by the alliance are PhonAndroid, Tom’s Guide France, TechRadar France, Tom’s Hardware.

Press Contact: Debbie Bouffler:


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