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viSer Test Automation

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viSer, a proven test automation solution to improve quality,
increase productivity while reducing costs.

Selected by Mobile Network Operators, Smartphone Manufacturers, Regulators, Government and Defence, and other industries where they need to test connectivity, devices, and networks (Private and Public)


viSer is a  powerful, scalable, and fully automated "Virtual User Bot" 

It is an APK that can be installed in any device Android or IOS

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Product Overview

Our mission is to optimise and simplify the everyday life of mobile device test teams, of all sizes and complexities. From Mobile Network Operators, Smartphone Manufacturers, Ranking Media, viSer can accelerate testing, streamline the testing process and reduce workloads.

It is a perfect solution that integrates with new technologies and fits any industry sector.

Our powerful  test solution, viSer can generate automatically a full set of

User Actions collated from daily usage scenarios. Using viSer, allows you to perform accurately in-depth tests, gain valuable performance evaluations, access a full set of comprehensive test results and comparisons.



  • Devices 

  • Networks

  • New Technology rollouts (5G, VoLTE...)

  • Software Upgrades



  • Network Performance

  • Network Stability

  • Device Performance

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  • Devices

  • Networks

  • Battery Performance

  • MNOs vs MNOs



  • Regression Testing

  • Device Bug Investigation

  • Network Investigation

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  • Quality of Experience

  • Quality of Service

  • Actionable Insights 

When viSer is up and running, the "Virtual User Bot" efficiently captures and immediately collects a vast array of beneficial data. Once the valuable data is gathered and extensively analysed, intuitive reports are created providing the most accurate KPI’s.

Comprehensive testing is essential to deliver the best user experiences.

viSer allows you to verify the performance of mobile devices and networks:

  • in our state-of-the-art Testing Lab

  • on a LIVE Network

  • on a Testbed


Testing can be executed Locally or Remotely

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How Can viSer Help?

Full Coverage of User Actions

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The Key Benefits

Adopted by Key Industry players

  - Mobile Network Operators

 - Device Manufacturers

 - Media

 - Government and  Defence Mission Critical  Organisations

 - Private Networks

Easy to Use and Deploy

 - Stand-alone, plug-and-play product

 - No additional equipment is required

 - Scalable

 - Create your own scripts

 - Same scripts can be used on any device

Proven ROI

 - 1/10th of the cost compared with manual testing

 - 24/7 Testing campaigns

 - Unlimited usage

 - No extra cost for device upgrades 

Device Agnostic

 - Commercial and Engineering Devices

 - Reliable and Secure

 - Supports future Android/ios versions with no delays

Customer Success Stories

We have many customers using our proven test automation solutions, learn more about what has made them successful. ​​






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