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Helping your business with test automation.

What is viSer?

viSer (=Virtual User), a device-agnostic mobile application, is a proven test automation solution to improve quality and increase productivity while reducing costs.
Graphic with two computer screens, one showing viSer test automation solution and VWS graphical test results

Product overview

  • Powerful standalone application.

  • ​Available on iOS and Android.

  • Converts any device into a probe offering a series of automated mobile services with an intelligent scheduler.

viSer capabilities


  • Devices 

  • Networks

  • New technology

  • New software


  • Network performance

  • Network stability

  • Device performance


  • Devices

  • Networks

  • Battery performance

  • MVNOs vs MNOs


  • Regression testing

  • Device investigation

  • Network investigation


  • Quality of Experience

  • Quality of Service

  • Audio/voice MOS quality

Full coverage of user actions

Icon of a blue circle with a green battery, stopwatch and charger highlighting battery life and performance

Battery life and performance 

Icon of a blue circle with a cloud with green arrows highlighting the transfer of data and data performance

Data performance

Icon of a blue circle with smartphone ringing highlighting call performance and voice quality/MOS

Call performance and Voice Quality / MOS

Icon of a blue circle with blue transparent globe highlighting web browsing

Web browsing

Icon of a blue circle with a smartphone using viSer highlighting network connectivity performance

Network connectivity performance

Icon of a blue circle with a blue dial, highlighting latency and speed test capabilities

Latency and
speed test

Icon of a blue circle with blue video icon highlighting video experience

Video experience

Icon of a blue circle with a blue gaming console highlighting gaming experience


Powerful and intelligent analytics

Icon of dark blue circle with computer screen for a chart, highlighting viSer and VWS data visualisation capabilitities

Data visualisation

Visual representation of data making it easier to understand complex information at a glance. Visualisations like charts, graphs, maps, pie charts and many more.

Icon of dark blue circle with a magnifying glass with line chart, highlighting viSer and VWS drill down capabilities

Drill down capabilities

Granularity control, helping to view data at a high level or focusing on the deeper analysis of the most relevant information. Contextual understanding and root cause analysis.

Icon of dark blue circle with dashboard of buttons, highlighting viSer and VWS customisable board capabilities

Customisable boards

Create and customize boards to help for easier analysis of data. Ability to create different boards and share them with other team members.

Icon of dark blue circle with bar chart, highlighting viSer and VWS benchmark and comparison capabilities

Benchmark and comparison

Compare different reports to check for performance between different software versions, OS upgrades  or competitors' performance. Benchmark devices performance, networks, MVNOs, Private Networks.

Key benefits

Adopted by key industry players

  • Mobile network operators

  • Device manufacturers

  • Media

  • Government and defence

  • Mission critical  organisations

  • Private networks

Easy to use and deploy

  • Standalone, plug-and-play product

  • No additional equipment is required

  • Scalable

  • Create your own scripts

  • Same scripts can be used on several devices

Proven ROI

  • 1/10th of the cost compared with manual testing

  • 24/7 Testing campaigns

  • Unlimited usage

  • No extra cost for device upgrades 

Device agnostic

  • Commercial and engineering devices

  • Reliable and secure

  • Availabe on Android/iOS

  • Supports future OS versions with no delays


Discover viSer's main features in this leaflet.
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viSer Leaflet
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Video Overview
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