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SmartViser has joined EUWENA (European Users Wireless Enterprise Network Association)

Updated: May 12, 2023

Press Release:

SmartViser has joined EUWENA to support the measurement and improvement of the QoE and QoS of Private and Public networks across the world. 5G has enabled cutting-edge private wireless networks for various verticals thanks to its ability to fulfil demanding KPIs earlier standards could not.

Date: 10th May 2023

SmartViser offers innovative test automation solutions for Public and Private Mobile network organisations looking to optimise testing, measure and improve the Quality of Experience, and reduce testing costs.

The introduction of new technologies like 5G allows organisations to use private networks to connect devices and machines within their facilities, enabling them to streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. Private networks offer several benefits, including reliability, higher bandwidth, lower latency, increased flexibility, and lowered costs.

viSer test automation
SmartViser joins EUWENA Press Release

SmartViser offers plug-and-play test automation called viSer, which converts any device into a probe offering a series of automated mobile tests supporting over 100 KPIs allowing to:

  • Evaluate the Voice Quality for Cellular, OTT, Push To Talk services with the industry standard methodology POLQA

  • Evaluate the network performance, speed, quality, capacity, and coverage

  • Benchmark network performance between Private and Public mobile networks

  • Measure data performance, FTP/HTTP (Upload, Download, Bi-Directional)

  • Perform speed testing

  • Monitor and Measure latency

  • Validate connectivity on any technology 2G/3G/4G/5G/ WiFi

  • Evaluate as well the device's performance to ensure the right interoperability between devices and networks

SmartViser’s CEO Gilles Ricordel remarked:

“We are looking forward to working together with EUWENA for the broader adoption of feature-rich private mobile networks across Europe adding value to enterprises and the wider society. We fully support and are aligned with EUWENA’s mission in promoting the adoption of private mobile networks in Europe”.



EUWENA (European Users Wireless Enterprise Network Association) was set up in April 2021, following a series of parallel conversations during early 2021 between private mobile networks pioneer Christian Regnier and critical communications industry experts Peter Clemons and Koen Mioulet, who recognised the urgent need for a European-level initiative to promote the greater uptake of 3GPP-based private mobile networks. Christian, Peter and Koen were joined from the beginning by Antoine van der Sijs, Christopher Gehlen, Kerim Agdaci, Shaun McGinley and Thomas Hervieu, with the support and attendance of Tony Boyle and Johann Schmid at the inaugural meeting in March 2021. Rapidly other actors in this ecosystem joined the association, like SmartViser.

Today EUWENA has more than 30 members, including the board, representing 9 countries (Poland, Belgium, and Sweden added to the list). One of the goals is to show the needs of European verticals to be more competitive and efficient through the best connectivity for their operations, like the 5G Private mobile networks.

Another action, in addition to making itself known to the EU and European regulators in order to obtain harmonization of these frequency spectrums, is to facilitate the development of private 5G networks by showing members and verticals where they can obtain spectrum, what spectrum and at what price. This is the spectrum repository posted on the Euwena website and updated regularly.

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About SmartViser

SmartViser, with long telecoms expertise and customer-centric innovation, has developed the standalone test automation suite viSer that allows OEMs, ODMs, Mobile Operators, MVNOs, Regulators and any company offering Telecom Services to test, benchmark, monitor, troubleshoot or measure QoS/QoE on devices, connectivity, and mobile network technology.

SmartViser launched its first ViserMark Label to measure battery life performance translating mAh into straightforward battery life scores. Thus, allowing smartphone manufacturers to improve their battery life performance and offer superior quality of experience for their


Headquartered in Rennes, France and with an international presence, we are fully committed to supporting our customers and are proud to collaborate with key players in the industry. Our mission is to provide cutting-edge innovation to help our customers succeed in today’s fast-evolving technologies and environments.

You can find more information about SmartViser and its innovative software on the Web at and ViserMark at:

Press Contact: Debbie Bouffler:


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