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SmartViser Q&A: The Best Thing That Ever Happened to Audio Speech in Africa


Date: 29th March 2022

SmartViser’s Gilles Ricordel explained how his company is revolutionizing audio speech quality in Africa in a discussion with TechAfrica News founder, Akim Benamara.

We are glad to see you in Barcelona! What is SmartViser showcasing at this year’s MWC? Have you had a positive experience so far?

So far, we’ve had a very positive experience. It’s really good to see the MWC back in full swing. We are here to showcase our viSer Test Automation Solution with demos on 5G testing, audio speech quality for cellular and OTT calls, Mobile Network Health Check tests designed for Regulator’s testing. We have a great customer base in Europe, Asia, North America, and this year we are targeting, Mobile Operators, and Regulators in the African market.

What makes SmartViser special? Why is your solution worth a buy?

SmartViser Test Automation is a device-agnostic mobile application that tests devices and mobile network services. It covers over 100 KPIs on a wide number of test cases like voice calls, data throughput, network coverage messaging, browsing, audio speech quality, and much more. The solution is very easy to deploy. Operators and Regulators never have to deal with complex testing processes during their service delivery. viSer Test Automation helps them optimize their testing while reducing costs and time.


SmartViser wants to enable our customers to understand the performance and quality of mobile networks and devices (QoE and QoS) in order to optimize for improved end-user satisfaction and retention. Gilles Ricordel, CEO & FOUNDER


How does your solution work? Is it purely cloud-based or some hardware is involved?

Our solution is mainly software-based. It’s a single software application that can be installed on any device. Operators and Regulators are given access to a cloud-based web analytics portal where they can access the application, launch testing remotely, and access real-time powerful analytics. However, for our new Audio MOS solution set up a small accessory is required but besides that everything is software-based.

Do you have any ongoing projects in Africa?

Currently, we have several discussions and set up PoCs (Proof of Concept) with Operators in the region. We have just completed a PoC with a Regulator with very positive feedback and we are looking to progress to the next phase.

What, in your opinion, is the main challenge facing the African market?

In some parts of Africa, there is limited distribution of tech equipment. Thankfully, our solution doesn’t require any special equipment or a costly setup. It’s pure plug-and-play and works with non-rooted, off-the-shelf commercial phones.

The GSMA recently announced plans to organize an onsite MWC event in Africa this year — the first onsite MWC Africa. Are you looking to participate?

Yes. We have heard about that and are planning to participate in and attend key events in the region.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes, I want to inform you about some great news we released recently. We have explained our capabilities to test easily 5G, Audio and Network, but we are also involved in the Device Battery testing. In fact, the European Union has praised and selected our solution for being an energy-efficient measurement official tool, a great reference for us. Mobile Network Operators and Manufacturers who don’t currently have a solution in place should get in touch with us.


About SmartViser

SmartViser with long telecoms expertise and customer-centric innovation has developed the standalone test automation suite viSer that allows OEMs, ODMs, Mobile Operators, MVNOs, Regulators and any company offering Telecom Services to test, benchmark, monitor, troubleshoot or measure QoS/QoE on devices, connectivity, and mobile network technology.

SmartViser launched its first ViserMark Label to measure battery life performance translating mAh into straightforward battery life scores. Thus, allowing smartphone manufacturers to improve their battery life performance offering superior quality of experience for their end-users. Headquartered in Rennes France and with an international presence, we are fully committed to supporting our customers and are proud to collaborate with key players in the industry. Our mission is to provide cutting edge innovation to help our customers succeed in today’s fast-evolving technologies and environments.

You can find more information about SmartViser and its innovative software on the Web at and ViserMark at:

Press Contact: Debbie Bouffler:


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