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5G Testing

Succeed in the deployment of 5G services and device
Improved quality while reducing costs and time

5G Testing

SmartViser Test Automation for Superior Quality of Service and Quality of Experience

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There has been a rapid growth of 5G both in terms of devices and network operators enabling this technology in their network.

Beyond mobile network operator networks, 5G is also expected to be used for private networks with several applications in industrial IoT, smart cities,  enterprise networking, and

mission-critical communications.

For a successful deployment of the 5G technology test automation is key.

Test Automation Key Capabilities


Some of the key areas

  • Network Accessibility & KPI’s

  • 5G Latency Performance

  • Data throughput Performance


  • Voice calls & Audio MOS

  • Benchmark services against 4G

  • Available Connectivity Mode

  • Impact of 5G on Battery Performance

  • Service Performance: in-Stationary and in-Mobility

Customer Success Stories

We have many customers using our proven test automation solutions, learn more about what has made them successful. ​​

  • Pre-launch Assessment

  • Benchmark
  • Field Testing

  • Battery Life Media Rating and Pre-testing

  • VoLTE/VoWiFi Testing

  • Network Coverage 

  • Connectivity Assesement

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Continuous Network Monitoring:  

  • CS/PS RAT Distribution

  • Data Bearer

  • Signal Strength (Min, Max, Avg)

  • Signal Quality (Min, Max, Avg)

  • LAC Distribution (Anchor)

  • Cell ID Distribution (Anchor)

  • Data usage: Streaming, Web, Iperf, File Transfer, OTT (skype, WhatsApp…), mails

  • Mobility procedures in idle & connected modes





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