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viSerMark Day-of-Use

Product Overview


It is well accepted that Smartphone Battery Life is a decisive triggering factor which largely influences the buying decision of a consumer. This is the reason why Battery Life is one of the key items within media reviews and operator acceptance plan.

This is why we have decided to put our extensive Device testing knowledge acquired from working closely with Operators, Manufacturers and Media into the creation of the viSerMark Day-of-Use (DoU) Scoring product.

Indeed, we believe that being able to show an official scoring validated by a recognized professional test expert provides an additional marketing asset to devices manufacturers and vendors.

Moreover, by bringing our customers a highly reliable assessment, benchmark and rating of their device battery life, we help them increase consumer trust and reduce indecision.

As a result, Device Manufacturers are in a better position to maximize their competitiveness and fulfill their growth objective.



  • Operated on real daylife usage

  • Based on 15 activities incl. for instance Calls, Web, Video and Music streaming, Gaming, Social networks, Picture capture, Idle, etc.

  • Performed under cellular and WiFi coverage

  • Processed under controlled test Lab conditions such as Signal strength, LCD brightness or Device settings.

Our Offer

Choose among a 3-Level Offer which one better fits your budget and needs.

LEVEL 1 - viSer DOU Scoring

Send us your device and get your official score + benchmark vs competition.

LEVEL 2 - viSer DoU Scoring & Full Report

Send us your device and get your official score + benchmark vs competition + a full measurement report covering all activities power drain.

LEVEL 3 - viSer DoU Scoring, Full Report & Consultancy

Send us your device, get your official score + benchmark vs competition + we will support you to tune results during a 2-month period of time in order to get the best-in-class DoU and optimize your product launching success.

With viSerMark Day-of-Use, our aim is to help our customers to take advantage of a professional battery life assessment to accelerate their market acceptance and legitimacy.

Simply put, we want  viSerMark scoring to become one of your best asset to release the best device and conquer more and more happy consumers.


Leverage Professional Test Expert Scoring

Get detailed report & consultancy for product launch tuning

Obtain benchmarked evidence on competition positioning

Act on consumer's confidence and buying decision



How many devices can you benchmark at a time?

There is no limit in terms of number of devices that can be benchmarked during the same viSerMark session.

Can I choose models from competition?

Yes you can select any device you wish to compare with your products

May I use the viSerMark Stamp for Marketing & Communication purpose?

Once validated by us, a dedicated Scoring Stamp is sent to you and can be used for your Communication material (brochure, website, display window, training kit, etc.)

What about a viSerMark for other KPIs than Battery life?

We are considering increasing viSerMark scope

How we test


  • The viSerMark Day-of-Use (DoU) metric is based on a scenario integrating standard end customer usage.

  • The measured KPI corresponds to how long a device will take to reach a 5% battery level when starting at 100%

  • Our standard DoU scenario includes screen-on slots with activity as well as Idle screen-off slots

  • All activities are executed in the same order in a strictly controlled timeframe

  • Scoring is expressed in a number of “x-Day-of-use” units

  • Precise number of running hours and minutes is indicated in the official report

  • Along with official scoring stamp a deep dive battery life report can be issued and dedicated support aiming to improve global battery related performance is also proposed.