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Are you 5G Ready?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

2020 has seen a rapid growth of 5G both in terms of devices and network operators enabling this technology in their network. According to GSA “By the end of the year (2020), 559 5G devices had been announced, of which almost 60% were understood to be commercially available” Equally on a report published by GCF (Global Certification Forum) there were over 100 5G devices and modules certified by September 2020. We are expecting to see a similar growth in 2021 as Verizon’s chairman and CEO, Hans Vestberg mentioned in his keynote speech at the opening of CES this year “We have leapfrogged five to seven years in terms of digital innovation.”

But what this quick progress means for Operators and Mobile Manufacturers?

The new surge of 5G devices meant that Mobile Operators had in some cases an increased workload of almost 50% as they had to allow time to test the robustness of the newly supported technology to ensure superior Quality of service and Experience for their end users.

Some of the key areas that required additional testing were:

· Network Accessibility & KPI’s

· Data throughput Performance (Does the device utilises the full 5G capabilities)

· Data usage: Streaming, Web, Iperf, File Transfer, OTT (skype, whatsapp…), mails

· Voice calls & Audio MOS

· Impact of 5G on Battery Performance

· Drive Testing (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G) covering mobility procedures in idle & connected modes

Fully Automated

Viser Test Automation was able to help several teams in reducing time and costs and increasing quality on their products and services. Such as:

• Device/ Terminals Acceptance teams

• Core Network Testing Fully automate the testing in Call Performance, Voice Quality (POLQA), Messaging Performance, Call Interoperability, Data Performance and more.

• Network Monitoring Teams. Ensure superior QoE and QoS by monitoring the active network using devices that end users use and not probes. Receive alerts when the service is not as expected.

• New Technology Introduction. Check all the major new technology like 5G, VoLTE, VoWiFi before being launched in the market.

• Troubleshoot. Can be used by any team investigate serious issues like Call Drops by certain manufacturers. Provide data and reports in order to identify and quantify the issue.

• QoS & QoE measurement.

• Benchmark and compare performance with key competitors and other networks.

Continuous Network Monitoring

Network KPIs:

CS/PS RAT Distribution

Data Bearer

Signal Strength (Min, Max, Avg)

Signal Quality (Min, Max, Avg)

LAC Distribution (Anchor)

Cell ID Distribution (Anchor)

All results are available in ViserWeb Services.

Below some examples of reports available from Viser Test Automation.

Viser Test automation is deployed by several operators and manufacturers across the work like Orange, SFR, Telia, Three, MEO, Elisa, Rakuten Mobile, Samsung, TCL Alcatel, Huawei and many others.

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