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viSer Studio Analytics

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VWS Analytics Studio

The fastest way to analyse your test results and view them.
Use the interactive dashboard to improve data analytics in real-time. 


 Viser Web Services (VWS) is a complement product to the viSer Test Automation solution and provides an enhanced viSer user experience.

Viser Studio Analytics Features

  • Fully customisable Sandbox report

  • The ability to create customisable reports

  • A comprehensive range of pre-defined dashboards showing a concise, visual representation of test results 

  • Reports Comparision feature to contrast and compare test results

  • Build your own dashboards, display information and data clearly

  • A variety of chart types can be used to extract insights

  • Full access and control to Remote Control function to manage to test remotely

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The Key Benefits

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  • Dashboards provide an intuitive view of data analytics

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Insights to Action

  • Testing results can be presented immediately helping to turn insights into device improvements 

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  • Dashboards offer greater flexibility, so they are able to evolve to match continuous testing requirements

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  • Access to testing results, reducing the time waiting for testing reports  

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  • Able to bring together KPI's collated from testing results and organise reports in a central location

Customer Success Stories

We have many customers using our proven test automation solutions, learn more about what has made them successful. ​​

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Product Overview

Analytics Studio is a user interface that provides for monitoring and viewing of real-time viSer test results.  Gain a deep understanding of data analytics.  Users can see dynamic data visualisations, insightful reports, build their own reports and much more.


Together with enhanced processing capabilities and extended features, Analytics Studio can be used to find instant answers relating to smartphones and network performance.





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