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Test as a Service (TaaS)

The expert team provide top-quality,value-driven testing services, capable of testing and validating products and networks anywhere.

Expert-led, high-quality testing services at our state-of-the-art lab

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We run and manage your testing in our state-of-the-art testing laboratory, with our team of experts overseeing every test setup delivering you the best value and highest quality.

Our extensive network of testing experts can perform testing in any location to test and validate, products, network performance and coverage and much more.

Service overview

Helping you with any testing needs our extensive services portofolio deliver cost-effective, reliable expert advice to ensure success in your projects the testing capability, skills and knowledge that you can rely on.  

When the pressure is on with tight deadlines we offer support with a number of different types of  test services.

Service capabilities

  • Device validation (Modem, reliability, performance)

  • Benchmark services (Reference device comparison)

  • Battery testing (Battery life, power performance deep dive)

  • Camera testing (Performance, VCX rating)*

  • GCF certification services**

  • Field testing (Pre-deployment, execution)

  • Security testing

  • Carrier and open market testing

  • IMS field testing (VoLTE, VoWiFi)

  • 5G Interoperability testing

  • VoLTE and IMS roaming testing

  • ViserMark battery performance score and rating labels (optimise battery life)

  • Adhoc and bespoke testing

*via a partner.

**via RTO partner.

Let SmartViser help you to manage your testing capability, providing you with flexible, scalable continuous testing, that is easy to use and high quality, so you can increase your focus on delivering the best user experience possible. 

TaaS packages provide:  

  • The testing capability can be scaled up or down depending on your testing requirements.

  • The ability to integrate targetted testing to reduce testing cycles without reducing quality.

  • Our testing services ensure that you only pay for what testing has been carried out.

  • Testing protocols and requirements adapted to suit different customer approaches and needs.

  • Our service capabilities cover planning, development, scripting and automation testing.

  • Manage all your testing, our team of experts are with you at every step.

  • Testing can be tailored according to your specific needs, delivering value and quality.

  • A comprehensive range of consulting services to help streamline testing automation.

The key benefits

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In-house technical

expertise with the

global market


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Rich language

support offered



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thanks to

cutting edge


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Close relationship

working with

key industry

telecoms players

Customer success stories

We have many customers using our proven test automation solutions, learn more about what has made them successful. ​​

  • Pre-launch assessment

  • Benchmark
  • Field testing

  • Battery life media rating and pre-testing

  • VoLTE/VoWiFi testing

  • Network coverage 

  • Connectivity assessment


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