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SmartViser - CEO's Gilles Ricordel Christmas and New Year Message

Christmas and New Year Message from SmartViser

Rennes, France – December 2021

2021 has continued being a very challenging year severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, our world has been deeply changed during this tubulous time and has impacted everyone in an unprecedented way. Our thoughts go out to anyone who has been personally impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. We have seen though, that vaccines and treatments have been developed in record time showing what can be achieved in a short time when businesses and governments work together to overcome one of the toughest challenges in recent years.


What we're doing to keep everyone safe

At SmartViser the health and well-being of our partners and staff have always been our top priority. Following the government guidelines in each country and the business continuity procedures that we have in place; we have allowed employees to work remotely, and every member of the team is fully set up and reachable to support our customers and partners across the world. There are also special protective measures for those who work in our lab. We do understand that many of you heavily rely on our products and services to keep your operations running smoothly and without interruption and the team will continue to work continuously to ensure minimum disruption.


Reflection on 2021

Despite the many challenges that 2021 has brought it has been one of the busiest years for SmartViser and ViserMark.

In terms of business, we have seen our customer base continue to grow and we have also expanded to new business sectors and geographical regions:

  • We have started the first Mission Critical Audio MOS assessment on PTT (Push to Talk) with a Mobile Network Operator

  • We have welcomed new OEMs using our test automation solution in all their global locations

  • We are proud to onboard new MNOs in Europe and our first one in Canada,

  • We have continued to support our customers during the SFR certification as an SFR accredited lab and are honoured to win the trust of new customers for this activity

  • We have continued to expand our customer base in China and Japan, trust from MNOs working on 5 years contracts commitment. Expanded our territory in Canada and Latin America with five ongoing trials with Mobile Network Operators in that region

  • Despite the travel limitation in 2021 we have also succeeded to expand our territory in Africa by starting a PoC with a Regulator in the region

  • And last but not least Started Collaborating with Galaxie Media Alliance which includes PhonAndroid, Tom’s Guide France, TechRadar France, Tom’s Media Group. We are very pleased to have added Galaxie Media Alliance to our ever-growing Media network such as GSMArena, Les Numeriques, FrAndroid,


I am pleased that everyone’s hard work at SmartViser has contributed

to an impressive 40% growth in 2021.


Our R&D team has been working on several topics and brought some new key features to our test automation solution viSer.

Among these were:

  • Further improvement of the Remote Testing Function in our test automation solution viSer meaning testing can be triggered from any location

  • Released the first IOS version to selected customers and plan to roll out to more customers in 2022

  • Released a new Web dashboard analytics the Viser Web Services Studio which allows you to build your dashboard with the data you want to monitor and analyse

  • Enhanced the Audio MOS solution to cover OTT (like Viber, WhatsApp calls) as well as cellular calls

  • Enhanced 5G capabilities for both SA and NSA


Smartphone Battery Life and Efficiency

Following the successful launch of ViserMark in 2020 we have continued to further fine-tune and bring new features that our customers and end-users will benefit from. In 2021 we have released three new labels in ViserMark. The world’s first battery efficiency label.

In the last couple of years at SmartViser, we are on a mission to highlight the smartphone battery energy efficiency topic and work with manufacturers across the world to improve battery performance for smartphones and tablets.

Our contribution to the industry has been recognised and I am very pleased to announce that we are officially working with the EU Commission to develop a solution for the Battery Energy Efficiency Index for smartphones and tablets based on the innovative test automation solution viSer.


Meet us at MWC 2022

For 2022 will continue for the seventh time to exhibit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from 28th February to 3rd March 2022.

Our stand will be in

Hall 5

French Tech Pavilion,

Stand 5B4 - Booth 22.

If you are planning to attend, please contact us for a meeting to introduce SmartViser and ViserMark and demonstrate some of the key features and capabilities. We will also be able to share the details of our collaboration with the EU on the Battery Energy Efficiency Index.


I would like to say a personal thank you to everyone at SmartViser for your effort, hard work and commitment. My heartfelt thanks to all our customers, partners and friends for your continued support and trust throughout the year.

I wish you all Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous year in 2022.

Kind regards

Gilles Ricordel

CEO - SmartViser and ViserMark


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