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Audio MOS/ Speech Quality

Audio MOS/ Voice Quality

Speech Quality scoring using POLQA (Perceptual Objective Listening Quality Assessment) model to predict speech quality. The predictions of those objective measures should come as close as possible to subjective quality scores as obtained in subjective listening tests. 

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Product Overview

SmartViser allows you to fully test Audio MOS/ Speech Quality in any technology 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, VoIP, VoLTE, VoWifi using POLQA algorithm. The Audio MOS solution works on Audio MOS and OTT like Skype, Viber, WhatsApp etc.

It works as an additional option for viSer test engine where user actions like calls can be automatically performed and results are sent to VWS

MOS calculation is provided by Polqa reference algorithm from Opticom company

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Replay Recorded audio samples from Viser Studio Analytics 

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Correlate MOS with other recorded information from viSer like signal strength and quality, handover, location, temperature etc.

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The Mean Opinion Score, or MOS as it is widely known, assesses the quality of voice calls using a scale of 1-5 (5 being the highest quality) based on the scientific algorithm POLQA ™.

  • Score 1 means that despite great effort, it is impossible to understand what is being said during the call (the call repeatedly cuts in and out).

  • Score 2 means the quality is not good and a lot of effort is needed to understand.

  • Score 3 indicates an acceptable level of quality and fairly understandable conversation. 

  • Score 4 is a good quality level, understandable with minor interference noise

  • Score 5 is an excellent quality level, understandable discussion without interference noise.

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The Key Benefits

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  • Any device Commercial or Engineering

  • Any chipset

  • Android and IOS

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Easy to Use

and Deploy

  • Simple light set up

  • Easy to use in static or mobility testing

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End 2 End

OTT and Cellular

  • Easy to use on Cellular scenarios and OTT like Skype, Viber, MS Teams etc

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Audio MOS

  • Audio MOS Speech Quality is automatically calculated with an option to reply the audio file

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Ready For Mission Critical PTT

  • Adopted solution by Mobile Network Operators and Mission Critical PTT (Push To Talk)

Customer Success Stories

We have many customers using our proven test automation solutions, learn more about what has made them successful. ​​





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