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Smartphone manufacturers

Launch devices on time and within budget with innovative test automation products, expertise testing, services and consultancy.


SmartViser has helped several smartphone manufacturers across the world to launch devices on time and budget with superior quality successfully.

We use our experience and expertise. Our dedicated team of experts can discuss the best strategy for your company and products utilising test automation solutions and/or our dedicated testing services and consultancy.

Challenges to overcome include


  • Understand and improve battery performance.

  • ​Test regular maintenance releases and operating system (OS) upgrades by designing a specific test strategy.

  • ​Test Android OS upgrades to avoid any degradation.

  • ​Implement carriers testing including IMS and 5G on specific geographical areas and drive routes.

  • ​New technology introduction testing.

  • ​Foresee media reviews that affect sales and make improvement.

  • ​Provide experience in new markets and mobile network operators.​​

How we solve them

We provide full test automation products and solutions.


Device agnostic, commercial and development devices. Any device, any chipset, iOS/Android. 


Comprehensive. Any user action like calls, SMS, MMS, web browsing, video, gaming, data etc...


Real-time data analytics with tailor-made dashboards and results plotted in maps.

Over 100 KPIs support device and network.


Standalone with no additional equipment required for set up. 


Scalable with remote control operation. From test to results automatically available in the analytics dashboard without any user action.

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