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Hardware add-on products to viSer

The hardware add-on products complement viSer allowing you to easily set up your test environment while increasing the testing scope capabilities.

SmartAudio Box (SAB)

  • Simplified Audio MOS setup.

  • Plays and injects reference audio sample (POLQA).

  • Records audio.

  • Built-in handsfree bluetooth.

  • USB mass storage.

  • Supports audio MOS on any device.

  • Support cellular and OTT calls.


Device Interface with 10 SIM card slots.

An easy setup where multiple networks need to be tested on the same smartphone without manual operation to swap SIM Cards.  The API is already integrated with viSer.

No programming or additional set-up is required.


Dedicated SmartHotSpot to ease and simplify the set-up for the EU Energy labelling testing of smartphones and tablets. Also, with the ability to embed all the contents required for the official testing as per the EU requirements.


A programmable USB hub that can pilot 4 or 8 device ports which allows for multiple device control. Power control makes it ideal for full cycles of testing with periods of charging.

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